About madeleine olivia

In December 2015 I made the very scary decision to quit my job, move out of the flat I was living in with my sister and boyfriend and move back home. I hated my job, felt miserable and lonely, and needed to start fresh in pursuit of my dream of running my own business. After moving back home I began working for my mum, and uploaded my first YouTube video in Febraury 2016. 

I continued to upload videos every week sharing my thoughts on veganism, minimalism and self discovery. I started receiving comments from people all over the world, saying how much my videos helped them to recreate delicious vegan dishes, overcome their disordered eating habits or start decluttering their wardrobes. I fell in love with creating content online, and felt so overjoyed by the community that had formed as a result. It was when I hit 10,000 subscribers, almost a year after uploading my first video, that I knew the reality of making this a full time job was near. I could do what I loved, spread a positive message and help people all at the same time.

Fast forward two years, I have travelled to some beautiful countries, uploaded over 300 videos, met some incredible people, moved into a flat with my boyfriend in Brighton, re-discovered myself many times over and made this mine, and my partner's, full time job. 

During my time online, I have grown dramatically as a person, learning how to love myself, treat myself kindly and be a more compassionate person over all. My aim therefore is to spread the message of veganism, minimalism, low-impact living and self love, making it easy and attainable for everyone and anyone. I am passionate about the earth and its animals, as well as helping others be happier within themselves. 

The creation of this website and the purpose of my platforms is therefore to inspire others to try their best as individuals to eat more vegan food, buy less stuff, use less plastic and listen to less diet-culture nonsense. To love themselves, while loving the planet. 

I'm definitely not perfect, nor am I a lifestyle 'guru'. I'm just little ol' me, trying my hardest to be the best version of myself that I can be, all the while giving myself a break when I'm often not. I continue to grow and embrace change, remain true to my ethics and my beliefs, all the while attempting to help inspire others to do the same.