Since discovering minimalism and decluttering my entire life I stopped buying a lot of things that previously cost me quite a lot of money. Saving some cash is a great side effect of minimalism as you simply don't consume like you used to. I questioned a lot of the things I was buying, finding less wasteful and multi-purpose alternatives that fit better into my lifestyle. So here are 50 things (there may be more but this is what I could think of for now!), that I no longer buy!

Disclaimer: There are no rules to this list! A few of these things I may occasionally buy as a special treat, or if I feel like it (e.g. a takeaway). Also this is not to shame anyone if you do still buy any or all of the things on the list. This is just for advice and help and guidance, not a set of rules or instructions. And hey maybe you'll save some money if you stop buying some of the things on this list too!



1. Conditioner

2. Post wash hair products

3. Makeup remover pads/face wipes

4. Ear buds/cue tips

5. Fun/gimmick makeup

6. Face wash, toner and moisturiser

7. Dry shampoo

8. Foundation

9. Shower gel

10. Shaving foam

11. Mouthwash

12. Plastic toothbrushes

13. Dental floss

14. Disposable razors



15. Kitchen towels

16. Specific cleaners (toilet cleaner, window cleaner, mould and mildew etc.)

17. Plastic bags 

18. Home decor/trinkets 

19. Fabric softener

20. Air freshener 

21. Disposable cloths/sponges 



22. Fast fashion

23. Single-wear items 

24. On-sale clothing I don’t need

25. Overly impractical clothes/shoes 

26. Jewellery

27. Handbags

28. High heels



29. DVDs

30. CDs

31. Poor quality technology 

32. New tech 

33. Gimmicky tech

34. Pricey games/apps

35. Batteries



36. Animal products 

37. Bottled water 

38. Alcohol

39. Multiples

40. Takeaway coffee/tea

41. Takeaway foods

42. Pre-prepared foods (sliced fruit and veg)



43. Tampons/sanitary towels 

44. Duplicates

45. Books

46. Magazines

47. Souvenirs 

48. Multiple phone cases

49. Brand named items

50. Sale items/using coupon codes