For all my beginner minimalists, I've got your back! I've put together a simple list of 50 things that you can totally get rid of right now. These are the things I started getting rid of when I first embarked on minimalism, and it really helped to kick start minimising the sheer volume of things I owned. Remember that the things on this list are just a suggestions, and there may be some that you definitely want to keep for your lifestyle. But once you've made your way through this list, your life should be a whole lot less cluttered. So save this page on your phone or take a screenshot, look at it in the coming weeks, and get decluttering! Goodbye unwanted stuff, hello the new clutter free and minimal you!

  1. Unused clothes

  2. Unused gadgets

  3. Old makeup and toiletries

  4. Multiples of items

  5. Bags you don’t use

  6. Unused shoes

  7. Out of date food

  8. Broken items

  9. Old tupperware

  10. Things you don’t know the purpose of

  11. Old/odd socks

  12. Old documents/papers

  13. Unused kitchen appliances

  14. Duplicate kitchen gadgets

  15. Store cards you don't use

  16. Books you won’t read

  17. Spare linen/towels

  18. Pens that don’t work

  19. Old DVDs and CDs

  20. Email subscriptions

  21. Old/ill fitting bras

  22. Extra makeup brushes

  23. Gifts you don’t use/like

  24. Old mugs

  25. Old magazines

  26. Old costumes

  27. Samples

  28. Old stuffed animals

  29. Used notebooks

  30. Candles

  31. Household decorations you don’t love

  32. Extra cushions

  33. Old games

  34. Dead plants

  35. Old (eye)glasses

  36. Jewellery you don’t wear

  37. Spare/unused wires

  38. Old/dead batteries

  39. Old phones

  40. Extra hangers

  41. Junk drawer

  42. Takeaway menus

  43. Appliance manuals

  44. Cookbooks you don't use

  45. Shopping bags

  46. Furniture you don’t like/doesn’t fit in your home

  47. Old pajamas or t-shirts

  48. Un-hung posters

  49. Old greetings and birthday cards

  50. Negative mindset

So there you have it! How did it go? Is your space successfully decluttered? Do you feel free? Liberated? Minimised? Let me know in the comments how far you made it through this list, what things you definitely didn't declutter and how things are in your space and mind since decluttering! For a more detailed explanation on each item on the list, check out the video I made below.